02 September 2019

Read First?

Read the instructions before I start working on it and turn in my Man Card?

Might as well ask for directions when I'm lost.

Well, I read the instructions after the fact and they don't really offer guidance.

When you remove the pressure plate, it tells you to mark the relationship between the plate and the flywheel.

When you remove the flywheel, it tells you to mark the relationship between the crank and the flywheel.

This is so you can put them back in the same relative position as before so as to not disturb the balance.

I have zero guidance from the instructions for when I am throwing the old parts away.

The flywheel is easy to figure out, the old one was lined up as if there was an index pin in the holes, so that's how the new one will go on.

I've got no guidance from the pressure plate.  Near as I've been able to find, it doesn't matter at all and the warning in the manual is a legacy from when it did.

In other news:  a 32mm socket I got for The 'Nox's oil filter cover looks to be perfect to pound in the pilot bearing.

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