16 September 2019

Fill Neck

Did you know that if you have the rubber hose that connects the gas tank to the filler neck twisted 30˚ and not all the way over the lip of the neck...

It leaks?

At least leaks enough for there to be smells.

The kink caused by the twisting also trips the shut-off at the gas pump making it hard to get gas.

I discovered that I didn't have the hose all the way up the metal by shining a light down the filler neck.  Seeing it bulged in at about 5:30 was what we in the shade-tree mechanic community call "an indicator."

When I took the fender liner off, got a lot of gas smell and it has not returned so far...

I think I was very punchy dropping the tank the second time from the heat and just messed it up.

Fingers crossed!

While I was there, I felt around the top of the tank where the hose attaches and tried to wiggle it.  Sometimes this smell is associated with cracking the pipe stub at the inlet to the tank.  No wiggle, no wetness.

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