19 September 2019

Brutal Honesty

I made up myself as a character from Technomancer.

Because Technomancer is a Weird Parallel things tend to happen there as they do here; so my life wouldn't be that different despite a myriad of changes to the world and me.

For fun I decided to make myself a Coyote Chimera.  FuzzyGeff often styles himself a Fox Chimera.

I hit a couple of roadblocks making Me.

First, with magical healing readily available, I would not have been crippled by my fall from the tank.

Without that injury, I would have been able to remain a lot more active.

Even with magic, there's no cure for what ails The Boy, so he ends up being a significant [-60] dependent.

Magic should have kept me from wearing glasses.  You only get one chance with the Restoration spell per disability...

But the part about being honest:

I have an OKC 3S bayonet.

I do not have the knife skill or the spear skill.  I'm running the bayonet, both mounted and unmounted, off the default from DX.

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