21 September 2019


Colt is going to stop selling AR-15's to the general public.

This simply conforms to the public not buying them.

It's a reaction to the market.

12 years ago Colt quality was difficult to approach for less money.  Now?  Quality is up across the board and surpasses Colt at a lower price point.

Worse for Colt is there are several innovations they don't embrace which customers have.

This sort of market shifting has happened before and the analogy is Oldsmobile.

When Olds left the market, you were essentially buying a differently styled Chevrolet for 30-40% more money.  How important was that label on the hood to you again?

Mercury, likewise, was an overpriced Ford.

Another part of the analogy that fits; the buyers of the product didn't stop buying them.  They simply bought from a brand that was still for sale.

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