26 September 2019

Good News Bad News

Bad News: Comment moderation is now turned on.

Good News: Anyone can comment now!  I only ask if you're anonymous that you sign your post at the bottom with some sort of name like "--Angus McThag"


  1. Can't accept that. That name is already taken.

  2. Thanks - I hope no one screws it up for everybody else.


  3. Hey Angus;

    I never knew that you shut off comments? I have been able to harass you on a regular basis.

    1. I had it set to "must have a Google account" and was moderating after the fact.

      I have a couple of commenters who've not managed to keep a comment here for quite a while.

      One of whom mixes insightful replies with hateful vitriol and has been repeatedly warned to stop.


You are a guest here when you comment. Be polite. Inappropriate comments will be deleted without mention. Amnesty period is expired.

Do not go off on a tangent, stay with the topic of the post. If I can't tell what your point is in the first couple of sentences I'm flushing it.

If you're trying to comment anonymously: Sign your work.

Anonymous comments must pass a higher bar than others. Repeat offenders must pass an even higher bar.

If you can't comprehend this, don't comment; because I'm going to moderate and mock you for wasting your time.