03 September 2019

The Sepulchral Voice Of My Grandfather

"Should I spend another $75 to $300 on a rear main seal and add another fucking week to this already-taking-too-damn-long job?"

Grandfather's voice from beyond the grave, "If you're not sure something is leaking, it's not leaking.  Don't borrow trouble."

Sage advice that comes back to me now.

 Holding the flywheel for the final 74 ft-lb pass was fun!  The 15 and 37 ft-lb passes were less than compression so I didn't need to awkwardly hold two tools.


  1. Or as I always said to the people that I worked with when they wanted to adjust something,"If it ain't broke, don't fuck with it."

  2. I don't know how many miles are on your Vette but I corrected 95% or more warranty oil leaks on that engine with oil pan gasket replacement. Seems the print-o-seal gasket leaked at the seams at the rear main seal plate. No sealant was applied in that area. A new gasket with GMS sealant across both sides of the gasket most always resulted in a complete repair. Your relationship with Murphy may have different results,Al

    1. 165k ish miles on the clock.

      There's no evidence of any leaking, I'm just being paranoid.


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