26 September 2019

Living Rent Free

There's times when I get a burr up under my saddle and I just CANNOT change the subject until I've said all I have to say.

Often I'm reminded by others that there's still some more in there that needs to come out.

Once it IS out, I'm all better and can resume what passes for civil discourse with me.

While I'm working through things with the muse and her water Tabasco boarding; I provide rent free space in my head for those who keep reminding the muse that I had more bile to vent.

You're welcome?  I guess?

1 comment:

  1. Please keep on this subject. It is one that is important, and one that all the gunfuds and quislings are fighting against.

    It's like they are scared to actually address real gun rights. Or are only interested in protecting the rights they want.

    Thanks for grabbing onto this like a dog with a bone. Someone needs to be openly talking, in a positive manner, about it.


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