30 September 2019

Send A Birthday Message To Jimmy Carter

The local news has a link to a place where you can send a message to Jimmah.

He's turning 95.

Would sending, "Just die already!" be something the Secret Service take as a threat?

I don't want to kill him.  I don't want anyone else to kill him.

I just want him to know that he's done enough and can let go so he can say "hello" to Robert Mugabe.

I really miss the days where ex-presidents disappeared when they left office.

1 comment:

  1. I miss the days when the First Lady was just the person in charge of the social side of the White House, and didn't have a Mission from God of her own. Lady Bird Johnson started that nonsense, and Betty Ford ran with it, and now we've got an ex-FLOTUS who may be getting ready for a third try at the Presidency.


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