09 September 2019

Three Foward Two Back


Got everything all buttoned up forward of the doors except the clutch line.

That quick-connect fitting kicked my ass.

Turns out that if you pull the driver's side front wheel and the rear fender liner you can get both hands on it.  JT managed to get it together after removing the spring clip and slathering the mating surfaces with a coat of DOT 4.  Then, by Braille, got the clip in and it's locked!

So we decided to bleed it while we had two people.

We were getting fluid out of the spiffy new remote bleeder line... but the pedal kept falling to the floor and not coming back up.

JT looks under the car and...  puddle of DOT 4 coming out the bellhousing.

It appears that in the process of getting the driveline back in over lunch, we managed to tag the elbow fitting in a lefty-loosy manner and loosened it enough for it to leak.


So we disconnected the trans cooling lines and brakes again and dropped the rear again.

This time we only pulled it back just far enough to get at the slave assembly and tighten the bleeder line.

Fingers crossed!

We have the driveline lined back up with just one bolt holding it to the bellhousing and we're going to try bleeding it again tomorrow and see if it leaks.

It's verra frustrating!

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