30 September 2019


So far the only people who've dared to brave comment moderation have been upbeat and positive about the controversial topics.

It even sparked poor Beans to write several long and detailed comments and then proceed to expand on his thoughts at Chant du Dèpart.

Despite a ton of hits from people linking in from the opposition, not one comment from them.

I want to be clear that comments get deleted for being a jerk, not for the content.

I didn't want to delete that last comment before I changed over to moderation, there were some excellent points and good information in it.  But it was delivered in the most demeaning and insulting manner the author could summon; because they apparently doesn't regard anyone who disagrees with them as entirely human.  This commenter had previously been warned about their tone and language before when they being jerks over LGBT issues.  Three strikes is more than you get here.

A note to the opposition, if you find yourself in agreement with Bloomberg's paid shills, you might want to look a lot harder at your position on a matter.

Especially since the vile insults and demeaning language you're throwing around so casually is a clear sign that emotions, not reason, are running the show; just like the gun banning mommies.

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out. It wouldn't have happened without you leading the way.


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