30 September 2019

The Options Are Endless

The fuel filler hose, that might be cracked and venting vapor, on The Precious appears to be a relatively simple 1" rubber hose.

Picture taken from RockAuto.

GM wants $100 for p/n 15814859.

$100 for a 1" fuel line which has the hose clamps captive?

Searching around it appears that 1" "rubber" fuel hose is not a common thing.

What I have found is a clear fuel line for fuel cell vents, but I am having trouble seeing why it can't be used to fill the tank.

What the clear inspires me to do; is to put LED's around it so the fuel filler neck hole glows!

Wouldn't that be cool?  Or, at least, ricer?

I went searching for the number printed on the side of the 15814859 part in RockAuto's picture, GM6289M A7 and found a 2013 engineering document describing permeablity standards and that GM6289M has been supplanted by GMW15349 in 2016.

This makes me wonder if the fuel filler shortage is because a new part number to the new permeability standard is on the way and the existing part number, while not discontinued, had already stopped production to make way for a new, unreleased, part number.


  1. I ran into this type of nonsense on my wife's 4Runner when the steel low pressure power steering line rotted away (thanks to the corrosive shit Kommiecticut uses on the roads in winter). The new one from Toyota that came complete with the rubber hoses on each end was stupid expensive, and I only needed the steel line. For a piece of 3/8" steel brake line and my previous knowledge and ability in bending brake lines, I made my own. I even used my hydraulic flaring tool to make the bulb style flare on the ends.

  2. Putting a semi-conductor anywhere near fuel vapor is a terribly bad idea. However cool it might seem.

    1. What could go wrong? Oh, yeah, fire.

    2. Maybe mount the light source elsewhere (as in somewhere safe), and use a light pipe?

  3. I remember 1" fuel line from my boat shop days. Dunno if you've checked there, but it's worth a try.

    And having a lit fuel line would be interesting.

  4. Fuel filler hose, as in gas/diesel pump hose.

    1. I've found it in bulk... What to do with the remaining 35 feet at $10 a foot.

  5. Go to the local rubber hose supply house, industrial type. I got one for MIL's fail blazer, they gave me 16" of it and told me it was drop.


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