22 September 2019

Fuck Their Feelings

We make no headway on getting MG's dragged back to 1985 standards because...

We make no headway on getting a holstered pistol openly carried because...

We make no headway on CCW reciprocity because...

We make no headway on campus carry because...

Supposedly pro-gun advocates keep demanding the status quo and providing cover to the anti-gun people who share their goals.

I'm fed up with it.

You don't fight, just condemn the efforts of others.

At least they're trying to do something besides sit there and bitch someone else isn't doing it to THEIR liking.

I'm still waiting for the roadmap that doesn't offend anyone that leads to an actual expansion of my rights and liberties.

I refuse the status quo and any further contraction of my liberties.

I don't care about your feels on the matter, so unless you're going to provide a manner in which rights are expanded everyone is better off if you shut up.

You're not helping our side, you're granting succor to the enemy.