15 March 2021

In Between

I've also packed .38 Super in the form of a Colt Government Model in the same Miami Classic II as I used for the Springfield 1911 A1 USGI.

They're externally identical, after all.

I got the Miami Classic rig I used for the M&P 45C for an M&P 9.

I've considered trying an M&P 9C since the 45C totes just a bit better than the full-size 9.

What really amazes me about this entire carry saga is, with the exception of exchanging the Springfield 1911 A1 USGI for a genuine USGI M1911A1; I still own all of them.

I should also mention my first legal carry gun.  It was my Grampa's business defense gun.

H&R Automatic in .32... it could be .32 H&R or .32 S&W Long.  Hard to tell.

I tucked it in, cross draw, in an Uncle Mike's shitty nylon IWB pouch-like holster.  It rode pretty comfortably there too.

As a talisman against criminals, it's not too shabby.  For actual use...

Medical technology advanced to the point where slow .32 rounds don't assure the criminal shot with one a lingering, painful, death from infection.  When death by bacteria was a likely end to being shot by anything even a .25 ACP is scary.

Sulfa drugs and penicillin changed everything.


  1. I have a couple of those old break-top 5-shot revolvers. The first one is an Iver Johnson Safety automatic hammerless 2nd model in .32 S&W. The other is a 5 shot .38 S&W that I believe was also made in Fitchburg, MA but I do not remember the manufacturer. Because they are black powder pistols, the plan is to make a shadow box display with one other older black powder pistol with a spur trigger I have in .41 Rimfire

  2. I have a bunch of those old top break revolvers, 5 shot, 6 shot, .22LR (7 shot), .32 S&W, .32 S&W Long, .38 S&W, etc. I have a couple that look very similar to the one above, one is a black powder model with a nickel finish, the other is a smokeless powder version in chrome. Difference is told by the markings, at least on H&R. I also have some Iver Johnsons, US Revolver Co, and some lesser known brands.

    The most treasured one for me is a blued 5 shot H&R in .32 S&W, a black powder model that belonged to my great grandfather, my grandfather and my father before being passed to me. In the early 1900s my father's family owned a couple of hardware stores in southwest Minnesota and the stories go that my great grandfather carried the little revolver mostly loaded with bird shot to ward off dogs that would come out and nip at the heels of his horse team that pulled his wagon hauling merchandise from the rail depot to the stores. One of the store buildings still stands in Olivia, MN.


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