06 March 2021

It's A Family Matter

There's things that military folks do and talk about that are beyond the ken of outsiders.

It's a running joke about how the other services suck (or don't suck enough oddly...) and friendly rivalry ensues.

I was once giving an AF bro shit about his never serving in the military and his (non-veteran) buddies pounced on me for my disrespect.

That just encouraged me to dodecuple down on it.

Eventually he showed up, sighed, and said to them, "This is a family matter and you two never served."

I thought that was really well put.

There's a lot of shit talk, but it's among brothers not actual rivals.

There's a thread I'm in now where the common assertion is that Cav-Scouts are "teh ghey".

That joke was collecting a Civil War era pension when I was a no-stripe private.

You can tell the vets from the never served.

The never served people aren't catching that none of us are actually serious.

Neither the Dumb Ass Tankers Armor nor the crunchies Infantry really think Cav Scouts are gay.

Besides, I am sure they have a reason to disappear for hours in pairs like that.

Just like they are certain we're just having tea with the hatches closed.


  1. Hey Angus;

    That's a fact, if you never walked in a pair of boots, you don't get a say. and in most cases the interloper will be treated very curtly and rudely for interfering. We understand its all fun and bullshit, it is the "Brotherhood" the camaraderie that separates us from the "World".

  2. i was a 19 delta and i never heard that...

    1. Oh, they never say it to your face.

      But it's common, disparaging, humor nonetheless.

      When the shooting starts, we're best friends again.

    2. Except bubbleheads. They're just not right.
      --Tennessee Budd, USN CV 59, CV 67 avionics (yeah, avionics, we're hardcore)


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