02 March 2021


The more I play with my Canon M50, the more impressed I am with the advances technology makes.

I cannot seem to take a picture with it that I hate.

There's a few that I don't like the composition, but that's me and not the camera.

For the pictures I bought a camera for in the first place: the M50 is more than sufficient.

This keeps proving true.

The S5IS did everything I asked of it, except survive a three foot fall to concrete.

The SX20 did everything but extreme macro better than the S5.

The M50...  I mourn the imminent death of the EF-M series as the R supplants it.

The M50 is just so damn good, I salivate at what a full frame RF-series will get me.

The problem is the sales just don't support a dedicated camera between a cell phone and a full-on full-frame professional camera.

I intend to save up and get me a full frame RF before the next eclipse!


  1. Not to be That Guy - I think you mean "imminent".

    1. That's what I said. It was never wrong. You can't prove nothin!

  2. I'm not familiar with the tech specs on the M50, but I looked it up to find it's an APS-C sensor.

    When full-frame sensors became available, I was ready to drop my APS-C sized camera and buy one. But then I started to ask myself what the trades were. I think I'm OK with the APS-C. 99% of the time I end up throwing away pixels by shrinking pictures. Any lens I get for my Canon T6i has a longer effective focal length because of the smaller sensors. That means if I go to full-frame, every lens becomes a wider angle lens.

    I bought an old film camera to get the 50mm f1.8 lens. That goes from being a mild telephoto/portrait lens to being a "boring old normal focal length" lens on a full frame sensor. I have a wide angle zoom, 10 to 20mm, and that would be an ultra wide zoom. Not that there's anything wrong with that. It just changes all my lenses.

    On the other hand, my walk around lens is a 18-50 Sigma zoom which becomes a wide angle zoom. On my APS-C, it's mild wide angle to mild telephoto (about 30 to 83mm) which I personally think of as a better walk around range.

    It's all trades, but your full frame RF might well make you change at least some of your lenses.

    1. The rumor mill says there's going to be an APS-C body with the RF mount soon. That's an option.

      To me mirrorless is the future, regardless of sensor size, so the next camera will be too.

      I'm the proud owner of a whopping two lenses. The 15-45 EF-M that came with the camera and a 55-250 EF-S on an adapter.

      I'm still learning this stuff.


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