08 March 2021

Too Much Or Too Little

David Cole at Black Man With A Gun asks where the Goldilocks zone for mandatory firearms training is.

Read that link first.

He even mentions the most important word about the law requiring training, "arbitrary."

I thought of a solution years ago.

Teach firearms safety in middle-school as part of gym.

They already have archery at many schools and they waste an entire week on things like square-dancing in the midwest.

By making it a mandatory class for everyone you get people taught young when they're still able to learn the important stuff easily.

This also dodges the objection that people seeking the classes end up on a list.  If everyone takes the class, then nobody stands out for having taken the class.

Bonus round!

It pisses off the liberal teacher's unions to have to allow firearms training at school.

No school will want to pad the hours dedicated to the task.

Personally, I think a week of classes taught by someone like Project Appleseed would be just dandy.  Farming it out to them would be better than forcing the teachers as well.


  1. A lot of schools built in the 40's and 50's had shooting ranges under the Gym.

    And one of the features in old school ROTC was, well, shooting. At the school.

    Also one of the big features of Boy Scouts was... shooting.

    Gee, attack the ability to learn about shooting while they're in school and suddenly you have a generation or two who have no earthly clue about guns other than what they've distilled from tv, movies and video games.

  2. Completely agree. If you complain of accidental gun deaths because of user ignorance, then do something about it - TEACH THE CHILDREN GUN SAFETY. Doesn't even have to involve live ammunition. Teach them how NOT to accidentally kill each other or themselves when finding a firearm.

    They teach sex education to 'prevent accidental pregnancies', firearm safety would save kids.


  3. Heh. Cool idea, bro. Go to the God-less communists in the government schools (who, btw, can't teach reading, writing or cyphering) to have them teach gun safety.

    What a hoot.

    Public schools need to be suicided, and their commie leaders eviscerated. Home schools for all. Then, get all the training for the kiddos that makes sense.

    1. I don't want to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

      There's nothing inherently wrong with the idea of public schools. The issue is that they've been captured by a national, remote and unaccountable group making one size fits all policy decisions.

      I don't think that schools should be even as large as statewide. County at the most.

      When schools were small and locally controlled we had an amazing level of literacy in this country. Just read The Civil War Diaries for examples.

      Or look to this book:


      That's what was being taught in 6th grade in 1914 California.

  4. My dad was in ROTC (Air Force) back in the late 1940s. They had a shooting range in the Armory building at ISU. They shot .22LR out of 03 Springfield rifles with a conversion kit in them. My dad says that was really the only part of ROTC he enjoyed. ROTC was mandatory for men who weren't veterans in those days. His brother didn't have to do ROTC because he had served in the Army in WWII.

    1. Hell, growing up in Rural New Hampshire (before it got invaded by tax-avoiding Communists from the Peoples Socialist Republic of Taxachusetts,) we used to keep our shotguns/rifles racked in our cars on the High School parking lot during bird and deer season... the only unwritten rule was sidearms had to be locked in the trunk. Many a time before the end of the day guys (and a few gals) would go to the gym to change into their hunting gear to hit the fields before full dark.

    2. What was taught in the 1940s or 1914 is irrelevant, because in the late 60s, Lyndon Johnson changed the Selective Service rules so that the only students eligible for a 2-S (student) deferment were Education majors. Every draft dodger in every college in the United States immediately switched majors (I knew quite a few of them), and when Nixon abolished the 2-S deferment in 1970, they stayed in education, since it was such an easy gig. When they graduated, they became teachers, and eventually went on to run school boards and state education departments, and they hired people who thought like they did. We're seeing the results of that today.

  5. Way too many teachers are dingleberries I wouldn't trust with a burnt-out match. The thought of them being near firearms chills my blood, even sans ammunition.


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