03 February 2023

Gotta Spend Money To Save Money

Harvey just noticed that our big box of 9x19mm is no longer a full box of 9mm.

I'd filled it by buying two boxes every range trip and only shooting one for a long time.


Gotta look to restocking.

Buying at the range is almost 42¢ a round.

Buying ammo 1,000 rounds at a time comes to about 29¢ per round.

That's not an insignificant savings.

It's just that you have to plunk $300 down all at once instead of $21 20 times.

The smaller amount more times is a false economy that lots of us talk ourselves into.


  1. bought from this place before... https://2awarehouse.com/pistol-ammo/?_bc_fsnf=1&in_stock=1 ...they are in houston or somewhere down there...the igman, if they have it, isn't bad either...panzer guy

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  3. Last week I bought 1000 rounds Blazer 9mm for $269 and NO SHIPING !! https://www.aimsurplus.com/
    These guys seem to have the best prices lately.


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