07 February 2023

USS Caine

I've long wanted a model of the, fictional, destroyer minesweeper USS Caine; of The Cain Mutiny fame.

The principle problem has been finding a model of a Wickes or Clemson class 4-stacker to start with.

I'd prefer 1/200 scale, but 1/350 seems more common for WW2 ships.

Not that anyone makes one in those scales.

There are a couple of places who make museum quality models of them in their original form, none in the DMS refit.

I don't think I've got the skills to make it all from scratch.


  1. Wickes Class Destroyer. 1/700 Scale, Flyhawk Models.
    I'll the the conversion to you.


  2. Stop saying you don't have the skills to make it from scratch. You're first attempt might not pass "your" muster, but I bet you will have learned what to do better. Do it! We'd like to see it. If I stopped every time I thought I couldn't do something, I'd never have learned half of what I know. -BA (random guy in corner who never comments on blogs but absorbs the knowledge)

    1. Even though I could develop the skills, there's a time factor that keeps me from starting on learning them.

    2. If you're willing to settle for 1/2400 scale, GHQ Models can scratch that itch for 12.50 USD per 3-pack

      Admittedly, accurately painting Micronaut® ships is a pain in the fourth point of contact. Then again, it's not like you'd need that much accuracy at that scale.

      DMS USS Hamilton

    3. I know you have access to a 3D printer (Energa project), maybe this guy would be willing to share the digital model? 1/450, but if you get the STL it can be rescaled in the slicer.


      Black Cat Models has a 1/350 USS Ward for $120 and change (plus exorbitant shipping - $26.27 shipped from France), but I don't know how bastardy that would be to bash into a Clemson of the approprite vintage/fitting.


      This one is a rendered Wickes, that I suspect may have been ripped from World of Warships, and thus no STL available.


      There's a guy selling STLs of both Clemson and Wickes, but in 1/1800 and obviously the detail is... lacking. (It could be scaled up, but you'd have the detail level of a Battleship gamepiece.)

      I guess there were Revell kits that would be good, but I didn't see any in a quick search and they're almost guaranteed to collector priced.

  3. Something like this?


    -Tim D

  4. This just occurred to me.

    If I did the math correctly, each of the USS Hamilton wargaming miniatures is just under 1.6" long. If you could then encase them in Lucite spheres of 1.75" in diameter, you would have three tiny USS Caines in transparent ball bearings that would be 0.6875" greater in diameter than a standard pinball.


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