08 February 2023

It Shouldn't Be This Hard

The brake booster on Marv's '96 Vette died.

It has redefined inaccessible for me.

He got it apart, but...  He's taller than me and GM didn't leave any room for his arms to angle around at all.  Even with the steering column and seats out!

Marv has it so I can get my double jointed hands in there to get nuts on the studs, but nothing we've tried is getting the push-rod on the post on the pedal.

It goes over the narrow part, but doesn't go down the wider part as it should.

The hole in the rod needs hogged out a bit.

In the process of doing that, though, something went "sproing" inside the thing and now there's a rattle.

Now he needs a second new booster.

1 comment:

  1. C4 boosters are indeed a PITA to change out. You've basically got to be a contortionist to get them installed and it helps an awful lot if you are small. I just can't do it myself. I'm big and inflexible. My friend who owns the DIY shop I use did the last two installations for me and he still complains about it.

    Oh... and most of the boosters available from the generic parts stores like Auto Zone or O'Reilly's have issues. They're designed to fit a bunch of applications besides just Corvettes and they make the pedal angle and feel bad. When you look at the parts side by side, the length of the shaft on the aftermarket part is slightly different. I ended up finding a NOS original GM part and swapping the 3rd party one out. If you can find a rebuilt original it is probably better than the newly made parts.


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