21 November 2023

Just Too Inconvenient

Bass Pro in Tampa has decided that handgun ammo and .223 need to be behind the gun counter.

The very busy gun counter.

It defeats the idea of impulse buy, so I decided to let them keep their bullets and shop elsewhere for it.

If I want to wait to buy ammo, there's cheaper online places.  Like Widner's.  Bass Pro has never supported the blog.


  1. Our local Wal-Mart is already 'ammo behind locked glass display' and it is a STUPENDOUS PITA waiting for a Wal-Mart associate to show up who has the key to access it. Plan on at least 20 minutes from calling for help and someone able to provide you with what you want. Most people I see waiting just give up in frustration - maybe that is part of the plan ?


    1. Walmart at least occasionally has stuff priced so it might be worth waiting. But yeah, they seem to make things difficult for people to give them their money. That seems stupid. Perhaps they had too much theft. It is the only reason I can think of for locking it up.

      However I agree that buying online, even with shipping costs so high these days is usually the best place to buy ammo. Widener's is indeed a reputable place that I wouldn't hessitate to recommend.

      Bass Pro (pronounced Ass Probe) I've never really been fond of. Even after their merger with Cabela's which I did occasionally shop at, I still don't really like them. Limited selection of what I want, mostly fudd stuff, high prices, generally bad customer service... FWIW, Cabelas isn't as good as it used to be either, although their slide started before the Bass Pro merger.

    2. Yes, slow rolling on ammo purchases is a thing in retail. Sometimes it's because they're worried about the 5 finger discount, sometimes it's forced on them by their insurance carriers or finance companies or in-house counsels. But sometimes, usually, it's because they ARE trying to make it hard for people to buy ammo.

  2. Stuff like this makes me glad we have Sportsman's Warehouse. The ammo and reloading stuff is out on the shelves apart from primers,when they have them. They also sell parts,for building ARs and some Glock bits. Bi-Mart does keep ammunition and components behind the counter but the low prices and quick service make it worth the time.


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