16 September 2016

Always Something

To get the starter out, you have to drop the passenger side catalytic convertor.

That's two nuts where it meets the manifold and two where it joins the X-pipe.

Those nuts thread onto studs.

On the manifold end, one of the studs threaded out with the nut, the other broke the stud.

Now I have to get that stud out before I can put the exhaust back together.


It's a tedious chore getting a rust-welded stud out of exhaust parts.  You'd think that a big company like GM could afford some damn anti-seize.  Stop laughing!

It's soaking in some PB Blaster overnight now.  Fingers crossed.

The battery cables arrive sometime tomorrow anyways.


  1. "EZ" Out time... If only those things lived up to their name. They've saved my @$$ more than a few times, but they should properly be referred to as "Cuss and Swear" Outs.

    1. GM makes money on replacement parts. The easier it is to fuck the job and the parts, the more they make. No incentive to make it easier.

    2. Didn't I say to stop laughing?


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