11 September 2016

Why Are We Surprised?

Why is anyone shocked the FBI couldn't manage to indict Hillary, despite all the evidence?

For Chrissakes, the IRS got Capone, not the FBI.

It's a tradition with the Bureau to fail at landing big fish.


  1. I'll be interested to see what happens if Trump does make it into office (without having an unfortunate accident, or committing suicide by shooting himself in the back of his head). A lot of the "permanent government" may like the Clintons, but a lot of them are also scared of the Clintons. And with Trump in office, they may have the courage to come forward. Both Bill and Hill (or Balmy and Clod, to use my favorite nicknames for them) may yet end up starring in "Prisoner Without a Name, Cell without a Number."

    1. If someone wants to kill themselves, it's almost impossible to stop them.

      I mean, look, he was bound and gagged and still managed to shoot himself in the back of the head!


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