15 September 2016

The Battery Too

In preparation for the arrival of new cables, I removed the old Optima 35 (redtop) and put it on the charger.

Two hours of charging and the charge indicator has not budged off the 25% line, which is where the red zone on the gauge starts.

I think the battery is toast.

I ran up to Autozone and got one of their Duralast Gold 85 batteries.  Popped it in and got one failure to crank, then it fired right up.  I shut it off and fired it up again.

Voltage reads 14.2 volts with everything running, headlights, fan, AC...  14.4 with all that shut off.

My confidence is not restored, but this is a good sign.

The doubts are sown by the push-button starting.  You push it and the car literally boots up.  A failure to crank with a near dead battery causes an interruption in the boot cycle and you don't know why it failed to crank.

With an old fashioned key you got to the "boot" portion when you passed through the "run" position and the cranking position was just cranking.

It makes troubleshooting much simpler.

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