12 September 2016

Look, The Goal Post Is Not Where I Left It

Now the Globull Warmering people are blathering on that climate change deniers deny that the climate EVER changed...

No, you ignorant and scientifically illiterate twits.

First off, "climate change denier" is a term that Global Warming Climate Change people made up for skeptics who did not accept that global warming was man-made.  And it was applied once those skeptics had shown that the warming trend had plateaued and they changed their own name for what was happening from global warming to climate change.

The thing is, the skeptical have ALWAYS doubted the magnitude of man's effect on the climate.

An aside, any person who claims to be a scientist and says they're not a skeptic is constitutionally incapable of performing experiments and is therefore not a scientist at all.

The skeptics have been harping on the medieval and Roman warm periods and things like the little ice age since I was in middle school!  One reason that we kept bringing them up is they never seem to appear in any data going into a model that "proves" global warming.

We're now harping on the smoothing done to the trend lines to make the temperature changes appear minimal or localized.  Well, I guess I have to concede the "localized" since the whole rest of the world is a "no data" zone.  Unless you want to use data from botanists who see similar growth patterns in trees all over the world to Europe during those same periods...

Skeptics are the people who took Al Gore to task about CO2 content being a trailing indicator of temperature (and climate) change rather than a leader.

Skeptics are the people who noticed we didn't have an ice age in the 80's and 90's.  Heck, for all the panic about that in the 70's anthropogenic global warming should have been hailed as the salvation of Mankind!

Skeptics are the people who noticed that the solution to global cooling and global warming is identical, eliminating any form of energy generation that involves burning something besides food.

Those few who claim they've accounted for that, well they don't seem to share their data or methodology.  At least one model was shown to always give a "hockey stick" result regardless of start points or data entered.  At least one group of "scientists" refused to produce their data until ordered by a court and by then, conveniently, the data had been "inadvertently" destroyed.

If the data is not available for others to replicate the experiment, we have a technical term for the results: invalid.

We skeptic types have been demanding obscure experimental checks on models like given them the data from 50 years ago and seeing if it can produce today's weather.  In any other field but climate this would be called "calibration".

So, fuck off, Mr Munroe.  You've moved the goalposts again and are putting words into our mouths we never said.  You also start your cute little timeline way too recently to be significant, in fact starting it during an ice age tells us all we need to know about you and your "scientific" methods.

Please go play in traffic so that someone burning fossil fuels runs over you.  Yes, I hope you die.

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