29 September 2016

Grouchy Doors

Because the door latches on the C6 Corvette aren't handles, but switches sending a request to the computer to run a motor that unlatches the door...

The "handle" isn't.

Of late they've been failing to work, especially for Marv on the passenger side.

Turns out it's simple and only takes 20 minutes for a monotone YouTuber to say how to do a five minute job.

Here's the guts of my Driver's side.

Kinda funky in there!

Some acetone, 2000 grit, more acetone and some elbow grease and they're nice and shiny now!

I put a thin sheen of dielectric grease over the copper traces and on the contact fingers before I sealed it back up to help with future corrosion.

I can't really complain, the car went 125k miles before this got irritating enough to bother fixing it.  Plus, what inspired me to fix it was catching a "How to fix your C6 door handles" YouTube.  Just don't use all purpose cleaner on electrical contacts and don't use WD40 on reassembly of the fasteners.

This video is better about showing you what to do:  "How to fix difficult to open C6 Corvette door handle/pressure plate".

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