14 September 2016

I Am Surprised

I actually own 4 of the guns listed.

I am shocked!


  1. I'm only slightly ahead on this one...

    2. Mauser Model 98
    6. Winchester Model 94
    10. Remington Model 870
    14. Springfield Model 1903
    21. Savage Model 110
    22. Ruger Mark I
    43. A.H. Fox

    1. 3. Winchester Model 12
      10. Remington Model 870
      21. Savage Model 110
      22. Ruger Mark I

      I think that some of options are mutually exclusive. Remington and Mossberg pumps are like Glock and 1911, most people won't own both!

    2. Well, it isn't that I wouldn't own a Mossberg... there is just no point in having one in addition to the 870 and the Savage Model 67E that I have. And I have both Glocks and 1911s... so I guess I'm more open minded than the average person or something.

  2. Surprisingly, I have four or five of those, too, depending on if my Savage scout rifle (an early or even original model - bought it from a friend) is counted as a 110 or a descendant of the 110.

    7. Remington 700
    10. Ruger 10/22 (actually two, mine and my wife's)
    16. Mossberg 500 (actually two, again)
    17. Remington Nylon 66
    21. Savage 110


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