26 September 2016

Too Soon

I made the obvious joke about Arnold Palmer knowing something about Hillary Clinton on Facebook and got told "too soon".

Too soon for what?

He's obviously very famous, I've heard of him and know he was a golfer, despite the fact that I don't follow or play golf.

To me Arnold Palmer is a golfer and a drink named for him.

And that is ALL he is to me.  Another dead dancing monkey.

He became rich and famous chasing a ball around a field with a stick.

All of the reports of his death either assume I already know why he's famous, or mention the "golf legend" thing; but never a reason I should have even one iota of respect for him except "dancing monkey that played sports".

I don't respect dancing monkeys.  Especially professional sports dancing monkeys.

Because of that, I'm not observing the mourning period for your dancing monkey hero.


  1. I'm with you. I know NOTHING about the man, so I won't miss him a wit.

    Still I respect others that might miss him.

    Still the dude died at 87 from natural causes! When somebody gets north of 80 and passes naturally, I personally think "Good Job!", hell I've even told people that who lost relatives in that age bracket, and haven't had a negative reaction yet.

    None of us are getting out of this alive, so the BEST we can hope for is the way Mr. Palmer passed, to live a ripe life, and to make enough of a mark on the world that people will miss you, and talk about you long after you have passed.

    Maybe you can not appreciate somebody making light of that person's death, but why should that have an expatriation date?

    A joke about Martin Luther King being murdered is distasteful to me, and I wasn't alive at the same time as him.

    Your joke about Arnold Palmer is funny.

  2. He drove the green at Cherry Hills to win the US Open, and had to make a pee call behind a tree, which endeared him to the fans. He was one of the greats of golf, but of course younger people don't remember him, just as I don't remember Hogan or Snead.

    Angus, follow novelist Michael Williamson on FB if you really want to see the master of "too soon." He's one of Facebook's most banned accounts because he'll make a joke about anything, no matter how offensive.

    1. He's famous for playing a sport (are Hogan and Snead golfers too?). Not like he cured cancer, fixed the national debt, ended racism...

      Whacked a ball with a stick into a hole. Got a drink named after him.

      I follow a Michael Z Williamson, I assume the same person. Yup, he's out to piss people off, if someone also laughs it's incidental.

  3. At least Mr. Palmer doesn't appear to have suffered from the delusion, so common today, that his skills as an entertainer meant that his pronouncements on political and/or cultural matters should be given any special credence.


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