18 September 2016

End Of LIfe

I bought an Eye-Fi wireless SD card not too long after they came out.

It was handy to beam my pictures straight to my computer without removing the card from the camera!

What I did not understand was how it did it.

The card transmitted your picture to Eye-Fi's server, then back to your computer.

Recently they decided that they weren't going to keep the server running, so all the cards would be just SD cards from that date on.

They did release a version of their software that allowed a direct transfer from the card to the computer, which is what I THOUGHT I was buying when I got the card.

Well, they ended support and it's just an SD card now.

My main machine is not supported by the direct transmission and I don't want to set up the laptop for it.

Back to card readers, huh?  Not too onerous, really, and often faster.

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