28 September 2016

Stop Thinking So Hard

This group is at 7-yards fired double action from Willard's new (to him) S&W Model 12-2 Airweight; fired as fast as I could reacquire the sights and target (about three seconds total).

What's interesting is this is about 1/8th the size of the carefully aimed single-action group at the same distance taking all the time in the world between shots!

Double action, the gun feels so much like my familiar 640-3 that Zen descends and the groups look like I practiced.  Which I have with the 640.

The Perfecta 158gr .38 Special in the 12-2 feels remarkably similar to 125gr .357 Magnum from the 640-3...

Unrelated, the 12-2 was very nearly an unfired example yesterday.  If it has more than one box more ammo through it than we fired today I would be shocked.

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  1. That's a nice group! And familiarity DOES equal comfort with a trigger.


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