23 September 2016

I Hate Crowds

I hate them to the point of not wanting to go to this Gun Rights Policy Conference I signed up to go to.

There's nobody going that's expressed an interest in meeting up with me, so nobody will be put out if I don't show.

I already know I'm out of synch with other pro-gun folks on lots of issues because I feel like we're fighting an expert holding action and not really an offensive in too many places.


  1. Under these political conditions, unless we wholesale change the Congress and political leaders, what else can we do besides a holding action? I don't see a way forward to getting anything productive through congress...

    1. You're right, but with that in mind, does it seem like we're even TRYING to fix Congress?

      I'm very engineering minded, "there's the problem, fix THAT" rather than constantly doing work-arounds and jury-rigs and praying things hold.

      I've said before that the NRA rating system is broken. It rewards do-nothings with the same grade as people genuinely advancing the cause. To me the best passive grade a politicritter could get is C.

      I am also willing to bet that if we stopped giving those A's to the people deserving of C they'd flop instantly to F.

      It's depressing.


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