14 September 2016

Unwelcome Comment

I remember once hanging with my "uncle", a naval aviator, and his fellow pilot buddies.

They made some sort of comment about Navy wings being gold and Air Force being lead.

Mouth working faster than my brain, I say, "Aren't Ensign bars gold and Lieutenant JG silver?  And the same thing for Lt Commander and Commander?  Doesn't that mean that silver outranks gold when the symbol is otherwise the same?"

Silence descended on the bar.

First confusion, then anger began to rise.

Luckily my uncle reminded them I was not only Army, but enlisted, and getting mad at me was akin to wrestling with pigs in their pens.

This was when I was so very young and wet behind the ears.  And they were all so very old, I prolly could have taken four of them at a time!  Why the youngest one there was 26!  Practically decrepit!

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