29 September 2016

Facebook Trending Just 112 Years Late

It claims that "9.5K People" are talking about "The Belgian Congo".

The clickbait leads to a picture of a man looking at the severed and and foot of his child, dated 1904.

Heck, I knew about this one already, I'd even seen this photo before.

Seems that the punishment for not making your quota was dismemberment.  His kid wasn't murdered and cannibalized.  The hand and foot were sent to him as a message to make his other kids work harder!  Not really better, per se, but...

But it also includes the standard verbiage about how this 112 year old event is somehow to be blamed on people in the present... rather than the King of Belgium.

Yes, we know who is responsible for this policy by name.

There's lots of blame to go around for what happened in Africa, but let's blame people for the things they did and not for things they didn't.

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