25 September 2016

Probably Not What Was Meant

One of the speakers at GRPC cautioned that the liberals and anti-gunners make moves with payoffs in 50 years.

He proudly mentioned that in Massivetwoshits they got the definition of assault weapon made the same as the 1994 Federal AWB and that they managed to get the language of one law changed from "suitable person" to "prohibited person".

Folks, this shit is exactly what I mean about fighting an expert holding action, yet never being on the offensive.

The best we have been able to manage at the Federal level since 1986 has been to let a law sunset and two (it seems) easily twisted to not do anything Supreme Court decisions?

There was a lot bad for NFA attached to the FOPA along with the good, and much of the good has been downright eliminated in the places it was supposed to help the most.

We're not even doing much holding in this holding action!  We're subverted at every turn.

GRPC in their OUR resolutions session resolved that an attack on one kind of gun is now an attack all kinds of guns.  That's NFA, that's scoped FUDD, that's evil-baby-killing black guns, everything!

I am appalled that we "had" the president and congress and not ONE pro-gun bill made it to Bush's desk.

Not one.


Goose egg.



Why would they submit such bills?  They get an 'A' rating without doing anything at all.  Where's their incentive to actually fight FOR us?  They get the highest rating for merely not fighting against us, and we don't understand why they do nothing?

The NRA rating has an incumbent bias, preventing worthy primary challengers from mounting serious challenges.  It also has a huge blind spot in focusing solely on the gun voting record of candidates and ignoring votes that come back to bite guns later.  If you're going to call it "America's First Freedom" you have to pay attention to the others.

We have to start doing better than the status quo.  We have to advance, even if in inches, rather than be proud we weren't defeated.

History is littered with examples of people who were never defeated, yet still lost the war.

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