23 September 2016


Today Willard made sure his father's Savage 99 was still zeroed after a barrel recrowning.

It wasn't.

But it took less than a $45 box of .300 Savage to get it centered.

It's not everyday you see a 99 anymore.  Even less often do you get offered five rounds!

The 99 feels strange.  Willard nailed the feeling as being more akin to a 1930's shotgun than a rifle at all.

Recoil is mild, as befitting a round that's slightly less powerful than .308.  Because it felt odd, I wasn't grouping like I'd like.  The problem with getting used to it is the $45 per box of 20 rounds, and spotty availability.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, that's getting as bad as trying to find 38-40 ammo!


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