19 September 2016

Verily It Doth Boggle

The graphic does a great job of showing it.

In 30 years we've gone from 16 no issue states and 1 constitutional carry to zero no-issue states and 11 constitutional carry.

The constitutional carry states now out number the may-issue states!


And crime is generally down in those 30 years too.

It might not be down because of guns.  Correlation is not causation.

But we do know that it isn't up despite huge increases in gun ownership and sales.  There's no correlation between increased guns and increase crime.

But enough about the pro-gun side...

We should give the anti-gun side equal time.  Does anyone know any dick jokes?


  1. Correlation doesn't prove causation, but lack of correlation does prove no causation. That means that the lack of correlation between more guns and more crime disproves that notion. It doesn't prove more guns cause less crime, but it proves more guns don't cause more crime. And the lack of correlation of shall issue with the "blood in the streets" the antis always scream about proves more guns won't lead to blood in the streets.

    I think they say that the US is something like #4 in the world in murder rate, until you take out the worst cities in the country: Chicago, New York, DC and (I think) New Orleans. Those are all strictly anti-gun cities. If you remove four cities, we go down to near the bottom. Chances are that comes down to like four neighborhoods.

  2. I just hope we can drive those picky little logic-adverse bastards out of those last few yellow states in the graph.

    When you look at an anti-gun rally...here's one that happened the other day
    Low attendance, zero or VERY small numbers of people under 60.

    Meanwhile pro-gun events have every age represented from people in strollers and swaddles, to people in their 90s and occasional centigenarians.

    Our side has CONSTANT recruitment....their side will likely die off in 20 years....but I'd like them all to KNOW we've beaten them before they die of natural causes..


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