22 September 2016


It's something noticed, but not much commented on by the "members".

We talk among ourselves on some topics, and shut up when outsiders are present.

There's special bottles.

There's strata to the "memberships".

I remember when I was allowed to stay in the room.

I remember when I was allowed to speak as a "member" and remain seated when "lower" members were expected to leave.

I remember that first drink from the special bottle.

While it can define some friendships you have to remember that it doesn't affect the price of a cup of coffee.

There's people who're really bugged that you're in "the club" and there's no way for them to join.  Never mind that the dues suck and the initiation rites are brutal.

Some "members" stumbled into it and some actively sought it out.

Some regret they qualify for membership and some who exult in it.  For some it's the biggest small accomplishment they've ever made.  For others it's one of many.

Some are heroes, some are cowards.

Some are liars hiding their truth.  Some are honest, hiding their lies.

Some feel shame, some feel pride.

Some sleep well, some have nightmares.

Some keep extensive documentation, even memorials.  Some merely keep their memories.

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