17 September 2016

Back On The Road

The starter was the proximate cause of the trouble.  It is replaced with a reman'd limited lifetime item.

The corroded cables probably weren't helping anyone, so they're replaced too.

The battery, which probably wasn't bad, has been replaced.

The stud I broke because I was too lazy to grab the PB Blaster and wait a few minutes has been replaced.

The single use gasket between the manifold and the catalytic convertor has been replaced.  Likewise the single use nuts that hold it up.

Time and again when dealing with The Precious and her wiring I've asked, "why didn't GM give me any dang slack when moving parts that are connected with wires."  Without slack you can't get to connectors and there's never space to unplug something when it's still attached.

I relocated and rerouted the wiring for the cat-detector O2 sensor.  This is because the connector has a locking tab and a latch.  The tab holds the latch closed.  With the cat dangling from the wire you have just enough room to unplug the tab and unlatch the connector.  Gravity is on your side!

But to get it plugged back in, there's no room to manipulate the latch and get the connector seated so you can get the locking tab in.  So I moved the plug lower and zip tied the wires in a better for me-the-owner location than the better for the assembly line position it came in.


  1. Oh yeah, friggin 'short' wires... HATED them on my 86...

    1. Most of the time there's plenty of slack, if you can get to where they've secured the harness to the car. But lately they've been attaching the connectors to brackets with a barbed pin in places you can't get the barbs to collapse to release it.

      They used to use a neat loop that had that barb and you could get that loop open with one hand in some very awkward placed and get it closed again. It must cost half a cent more than the way they did it now.


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