18 September 2016

Another Gun Free Zone?

The Crossroads Center in St Cloud, Minnesota is owned by General Growth Properties.

They've put up "No Firearms Allowed" signage before on their properties before, and I have not heard anywhere that they've stopped the practice.

Conscientious good guys with guns avoid places so marked, so they will be very thin on the ground if there's a need of them; thus with a vinyl sticker on glass a sanctuary for violence is created.

Is there a law that specifically insulates the property owners from prosecution for creating such an attractive nuisance when people are injured or killed there?

I'm spitballing, but I don't recall any mass shootings or stabbings happening at a gun shop or range.  The SHOT show and NRA annual meetings seem remarkably free from such violence, as are gun shows!

I worry that places like Disney will get targeted as they change their security to better catch the people who CCW despite the signs.  Eventually not even the pleas of the children will get a gunowner to risk losing their investment in their vacation and they will not even attempt to pack into the park, assuming they want to give money to someone who forbids them to be armed.

This thinning of good guys eventually brings violence from what I've observed.

It's embarrassing to be killed for a lack of shooting back.

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