18 September 2016

It's Like .30-06 But For Men

 L -> R  .30-378 Weatherby, .30-06, 7.62x51mm, 7.62x39mm.

FuzzyGeff, you're into Weatherby... I bought you some ammo (one round) you buy the gun!

165gr bullet zipping along at 3,500 feet per second.  That's got some "thump!"

In GURPS terms that seems to come to 9d+2 pi and 1,260/5,500 for range.  Rcl has to be in the 6-8 range!


  1. Actually shot one the first day I ever shot a firearm....it was towards the end.

    Guy who had it also had a .460 Weatherby Mag...now that round, from a lightweight Mk V had some thump!

  2. So does GURPS have a 'barrel life' stat?

    1. Not as such, but the GM is free to impose wear and tear on any piece of equipment.


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