13 September 2016

Oh Wait They're Almost The Same Thing

I've got a couple of gamer friends who absolutely LOATHE iTunes.

But they adore Steam.

Both are gatekeepers that open the portal to the content you want to play.



  1. Could it be the same reason why I Love Windows Media Player, Tolerate The old Quicktime, Hate the New Quicktime, and LOATH Realplayer.

    They are all video players, and essentially do the EXACT same thing...but to varying degree of competency and bloatware.

    Note: I have neither used Steam or iTunes (and why New Quicktime is something I don't use)

    1. I'm jabbing at them, if they're reading. The reasons that iTunes sucks are strangely similar to things that don't matter on Steam with regards to having to install a third party app, having to trust them with payment information, not being able to use the purchase without that app running...


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