07 September 2016

Equal Application

Since we have protected classes and categories of people whom we cannot refuse to do business with...

...and growing categories of businesses whom it's OK for banks to refuse to business with.

It seems to me, out of simple fairness considering all the special considerations that banks and banking get that they should be required to do business with any person, entity or company that is operating within the bounds of the law; no matter how repugnant or offensive you find their wares.

Crack dealer?  OK to refuse.

Gun shop?  Must do business with.

Pimp?  Sorry, no accounts.

Seller of nazi memorabilia?  Make sure you tell them about your low home loan rates too!

Why would I want to extend this sort of force on banks and financial institutions?

Because someday it could be YOUR now fashionable and correct business that's fallen out of favor.

It makes a level playing field.

That means paypal has to prove you sold that firearm illegally before they can close your account and freeze your funds.

It means that your business plan for getting rich selling guns is the driver rather than the fact you plan on selling firearms.

Or we could make banks, financial institutions and trading houses follow the same rules as everyone else.

1 comment:

  1. Leftists should realize that the same draconian banking directives that the Feds are using to discriminate against people in the firearms business are also being used against such liberal loved and (at least at a state level) legal businesses as medical marijuana dispensaries, condom and adult novelty sales, pr0n, etc.

    The government should not be trying to ram morals and ethics down businesses throats. All legal businesses should be treated equally.


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