22 September 2016

Quick Summation

Minimum wage is a government mandate that allows people who've never worked to price themselves out of the labor market.

If you really want to talk about free trade, you're going to have to address this largest elephant in the room and talk about freedom to set prices.

Yes, that includes setting the price on what you'll pay someone who has never worked before.

Yes, that wage might be far below what someone can live on, comfortably or not.

Free trade is, at it's core, about the market finding the actual value of a good or service.

"But how will I know I'm offering enough pay for the job I need done without government to tell me?"

That one's easy, if you're not paying enough, you don't get applicants for the job.  Or rather, you don't get quality applicants.  In the case of no-skill positions, there's very little quality required.

Where it gets really sticky is when you create a situation where a middle-schooler with no experience has to be paid the same wages as a degreed engineer; but only in YOUR locale.  If there's middle schoolers in, say, India who can be paid far less... guess where that job will relocate.  Go on, guess.

At some point, in a nation state paradigm, we have to begin to say that our laws should be to the benefit of our people first and foremost.  Offshoring jobs generally doesn't benefit the unskilled and untrained.  Eliminating the no skills or training required jobs also eliminates a valuable school where a person can acquire the skills and ethics as an employee that will serve them in good stead as they gain skills and training for higher paying positions.

Importing skilled and trained workers is merely a variation on offshoring.

This open-border, "free-trade", globalization thing is the rest of the world operating on the traditional nation-state level and winning an economic war on our duped asses.  You might not live to regret supporting it, but your kids will.

The funny thing is, it has to start with getting the government out of the infrastate and interstate pricing of labor and get them back into setting tariffs, tolls and pricing international labor to where our own economy benefits rather than exporting the accumulated wealth of people who were unhampered by the excessive regulatory burdens of today.

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