10 September 2016


Occasionally I have moments of regret that I am not a consumer of sports so that when we get millionaire children holding their breath until they turn blue, I can stop spending my money and boycott sports.

Except I am already not spending any money directly.

The only money that The Natal Football League gets from me are monies that are attached to things I buy for other reasons, like Dish Network.  And be assured, the absolute second they announce pricing that lets me no longer pay for sports channels and Empty-V just to keep the programming The Lovely Harvey enjoys we're changing our service agreement.

I am considering expending the effort to avoid products which advertise with the NFL, NBA, MLB, etc...  I am probably going to find that the only things I can buy will have me shopping with the hipster locovores.

I do not understand and have never understood the obsession with sports.

If the home team loses, assuming rampaging fans don't destroy anything, what stops happening at my house that was going fine before?  If they win, again assuming rampaging fans don't destroy anything, what happens that didn't before?

Sports don't matter.  Not even a little bit.  No.  Not even that much.  Because sports don't matter you should not tolerate overpaid spoiled brats pontificating from their high-chairs.  Take your money and find something else to spend it on, something useful like making a fire.  Making a fire burning your money is better.

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