19 September 2016


My Vortex scope I put on Wilma has a slightly canted reticule.

With the bases level and the turret level, there's about a 3˚ cant.

That meant I just zeroed it with a canted scope!  Durn it.

I could curse the Chinese manufacturer, of course...


  1. Those little levels are worth it... Just sayin...

    1. Usually if the top of the turret is level, so is the crosshair. This one's crosshair is slightly canted when the turret is level.

  2. How is the quality on those Vortex scopes? I've never really had an opportunity to even look at one close up... How do they compare with other scopes in that price range like Bushnell?

  3. They're generally comparable to glass that's 50% to 100% more expensive. The no question lifetime warranty is a huge bonus.


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