08 September 2016

Racial Tension

Back in basic we had a moment when on of the instructor cadre grabbed three random soldiers and said they needed to grab the slave cables and do a slave start on one of the tanks.

The selected privates were all black and none of US knew what he was talking about...

They didn't know if they should be offended or not and had a "who is he calling a 'slave'?" look.

Luckily, once what a slave start is was explained (it's another way to say 'jump start'), they realized it wasn't an insult at all.

I figure that the race baiting racists out there wouldn't have waited for an explanation and just got all triggered and shit.

1 comment:

  1. Well, we've seen it often enough in the past, which is why the word "niggardly" is now a dirty word.


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