10 September 2016

Even A Bad Day At The Range...

... is a good day.

Today was a great day at the range!

Took Agnes out to zero.

She likes Federal Premium Vita-Shok 130gr Trophy Bond about best.

That's about right, maybe a little high, for a 100 yard zero when shooting at 25 yards.  Yes, that's a three shot group.

Next best is Hornady American Whitetail 130gr InterLock.

1-1/4" below point of aim at 25 yards, a little high.  Again, that's a three round group.

Then there's Perfecta 130gr Soft Point.

Again a little high for a 100 yard zero at 25 yards.  This is my worst group with this ammo, the wander around the rings adjusting the scope were mostly touching groups.

It's hard to film yourself shooting, so I filmed Willard and Maryvn.

Marvyn shooting.

Willard shooting.

The magazine is situated such that you have to bring the bolt all the way back to its stops before it will strip a new round off.

Once I'd finished with The Godless Abomination Perversion of The Holy Turty Ought Six, I moved on to Wilma in .22 WMR.

Groups were excellent at 7 yards!  But the iron sights are teh suxxor.  There's no elevation zero mechanism and windage is drift-punchable.  Since a scope is on its way, I am not too worried that it shoots high and left.

The groups opened up significantly at 25 yards because I cannot make buckhorn sights work.  It's an ongoing known issue with me, and I always solve it by replacing the sights!

The near-stock trigger is perfectly acceptable and I would not be replacing it except for it being a moral crusade now!

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  1. When and if you can find it, try out the Remington Gold with the 33Gr. polymer tip. That is what I have found to be the absolute best in my .22WMR.


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