07 September 2016

Same Same Same

All .270 Winchester, all 130 grain bullet all loaded to an advertised muzzle velocity of 3,060 feet per second.

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Perfecta 130gr soft point.
Hornady American Whitetail 130gr InterLock®.
Federal Premium Vital-Shok 130gr Trophy Bonded® Tip.

This is all in pursuit of finding what loading the rifle likes best.  Savage lists Winchester 130gr Ballistic Silver Tip as their 100 yard targeting evaluation round; I should get a box of that too.

In GURPS terms they're all treated as hollow-points.  This changes the damage from 7d pi to 7d(0.5) pi+.  That doubles what DR there is and gives DR1 to unarmored targets then multiplies what penetrates by 1.5.

Normal ball ammo does 7-42 points of damage with an average roll of 24.
Against an unarmored torso that changes to 9-61 with an average of 34.

Against vitals they become near identical with ball getting 21-126, 72 average and HP doing 18-123, 69 on average.

Against a skull (DR 2) ball will get 20-160 averaging 88; hollow-point will get 12-152 averaging 80.

Hollow points performing more poorly on vitals and brains is because the bullet size modifier is not applied, just the hit location modifier.  Ball ammo appears to be academic for the .270 since it's not a military round there's no JAG to approve or disapprove of the bullet construction and since it's a hunting round, it's all expanding ammo.

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