20 September 2016

Gunsmith Tips

When shopping for scope bases, check the manufacturer's application table twice.  The front and rear mounts might not match.

Use rings in matched pairs!

This will save you from having to shim and shave the mounts and rings to get the scope close to level.

Though you have to admire the Yankee Ingenuity that goes into making the wrong rear mount and mismatched rings work, and work for years.

This project comes tinged with regret.

The original low-power scope and single piece base from the 1950's was long ago discarded.  A collector's item worth more than the gun today.

We discovered today that a Weaver #46 base is correct for the front of a long-action pre-64 Model 70, but not the rear.  A #47 is what's required there because the rear is lower than the front.

We also discovered that Weaver's Quad-Lock rings don't like the old #46 bases that were extant on the gun.

Considering that said bases are like $5 each...  Easily fixed.

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