02 November 2016

Urban Dahl Lay

You have to have lived in Des Moines to know this one.

The Urbandale Police Department is a bunch of pricks.  They'll write speeding tickets for one over.  They will write actual fines for things every other department writes "get it fixed" warnings over.  It's the kind of place you drive around if you don't live there.

The city government reminded me of the typical behavior of a home owner's association.  Lots and lots ordinances, rigidly enforced via stout fines.

That two of their officers just got ambushed and shot in a 91.1% lily white, 96.3% above-the-poverty-line suburb of Des Moines probably points to someone besides the usual suspects.

Urbandale is a fine example of the kind of policing I've long complained about here.

This is not a predominately black town in a wholly liberal state with a long history of criminal behavior.  This is a sleepy bedroom community in a predominately white county with so little crime they made their police force into obsessive compulsive code enforcers.

These murders might just be something else breaking and not part of the recent uptick in police murders.

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