10 September 2019

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Notice:    Your vehicle does not need an elaborate break-in. But it will perform better in the long run if you follow these guidelines:
• Keep your speed at 55 mph (88 km/h) or less for the first 500 miles (805 km).
• Do not drive at any one constant speed, fast or slow, for the first 500 miles (805 km).  Do not make full-throttle starts. Avoid downshifting to brake or slow the vehicle.
• Avoid making hard stops for the first 200 miles (322 km) or so. During this time the new brake linings are not yet broken in. Hard stops with new linings can mean premature wear and earlier replacement. Follow this breaking-in guideline every time you get new brake linings.
Following break-in, engine speed and load can be gradually increased.

Been a while since this section of the owner's manual applied to me.

I think the section on brakes isn't relevant to a clutch swap though.


  1. There's a similar section in the manual for the 2010 VW golf TDI, but it said not to exceed 160kph/100mph.


    1. The Vette break in is for the engine and differential mostly.

      Most clutch places say to do lots of in town driving.


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